Gents on Tour

Since their inception in 1988, the Gents have toured annually (OK, we have had a couple of fallow years). On the evidence of the 19 tours to date, this usually involves being thrashed by some ex-pats or ex-pros, either at home or on the continent. Still, it does give us a chance to get drunk in another borough and closely examine some different gutters.

Kev & Tony on top form in Hampshire.

We have recorded a stunning five victories in those 20 years, which, I think you'll agree, puts us on par with the MCC's tours to Australia (pre-2010, natch). More recently, we have been rather more circumspect about who we play, picking teams who may or may not know which end of a bat to hold. If they have some debilitating illness that renders them about as mobile as your average quadriplegic, so much the better!

Pipes!! Lincoln College Ground - Oxford, June 2009.

Each year we try and go somewhere different, although we occasionally go back to places we have particularly enjoyed. All we ask for is great pubs on the way/way back, not over-talented but hyper-friendly opposition, and an interesting city or town with even more great pubs.

On each of our tours we have had a tour motif, courtesy of Tony Woodward. In 2007 it was curly Scouse wigs, in 2008 glove puppets, in 2009 pipes, in 2010 it was fezzes and in 2011 it was blue berets. Before that, it was moustaches and eye patches. God alone knows what he'll come up with for 2013.

Far From The MCC & Gents - Jesus College Ground, Oxford, 7th July 2011.

Recommended Teams

Having been around a bit, we can recommend the following as perfect examples of the kinds of sides we like to play. The following were 'good eggs' who gave us a friendly, close game and who were hospitable afterwards.

Of course, in the intervening years the above teams may have completely changed their cricketing philosophy and become complete bastards; who knows...

Our Tour Venues in full, 1991 - 2016

If you happen across this site and think you'd be a good venue for one of our tours, e-mail Pat Barrow, our fixtures secretary on We'd love to hear from you.

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We are always looking for new players. If you are over 40, highly-sociable, love cricket (and are of a poor-to-reasonable standard), have a sense of humour, like a drink in moderation and don't take yourself at all seriously, why not drop us an email.

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